What is the price of TransCatalan tour 2019?
1150 euro

What’s included?
Tent, air mattress, diners, breakfast, sandwiches/snacks during trips, uplifts, transfer from Girona to start, finish to Girona.

Which airport do I have to fly to?
Girona Airport

Is it a problem if my flight is to Barcelona?
It is not possible for us to provide in a transfer from Barcelona Airport. When your flight is booked to or from Barcelona, it is for your own account to arrange transportation to Girona Airport or from Girona airport to Barcelona on departure day.

How long before the start of the tour should I be present?
We always start on a Sunday and so everybody has to be present at Girona Airport on Saturday at 13:00 hours when the transfer leaves for the Start location of the TransCatalan in MATEMALE.

On what day should I plan my flight back home?
We always finish on a Friday evening. It is not possible to organise a transfer to Girona the same night. We will offer transportation to Girona Airport at 06h00 in the morning so you will be in Girona at 08h00.

Can I take an extra set of wheels?
No, there is not enough room to store extra wheels. There will be enough spare parts within the organisation. After booking you will receive a list of parts and gear to bring.

What are the group sizes on this trip?
We like to keep the group small with a maximum of 13 bikers.

How many bags can I bring along?
Due to the lack of sufficient luggage storage area and the camp relocations during this week, we ask you to take only one sports bag and one rucksack. The rucksack is also the bag you will be carrying during the bikestages.


After meeting in 2006 through the shared love for MTB singletracks, Antoine and Niels started organizing their own MTB adventures. Starting whit small MTB trips in Belgium and French Ardennes, Antoine's 90's experience as MTB trail-hunter and -guide in Iceland made them want to search for more challenging single tracks. Their first big MTB project was a completely new and exciting 11-day MTB trail through the Pyrenees from coast to coast. Their love for the Pyrenees brought them to Catalonia to find new single track, which resulted in this exciting adventurous Enduro style MTB tour: TransCatalan. The first official TransCatalan 2015 with 12 MTB- and funloving freaks was a big success.
Read more about it in Up/Down magazine nr 1 march 16. (dutch)