Want to bike the trails you’ve always wished for but couldn’t find yourself?

Imagine mountain biking the French Pyrenees for 6 days in row, while your luggage is being transported from camp to camp. Imagine just having fun riding your trail Mtb while being challenged by Catalan’s finest and most beautiful descending singletracks for hours in a row.  Early morning trail starts, crossing ancient villages and valley’s using all the old donkey highway’s. Afterwards zippin’ on a drink in a local town, stoked by the rush you just experienced. Enjoying great lunches on remote mountain slopes, beside another lake or river and sharing your brave stories with fellow riders during the freshly made Mediterranean dinners on the campsites. That's TransCatalan; Catalan's most exciting enduro-based MTB adventure!

With a little daily help of van assisted uplifts, this will be the mountainbike adventure you won’t forget. A subtle mix of marathon and enduro style mountain biking combining all your biking skills and experiences over the past years into one hell of a ride.  Do you feel like pushing yourself to the limits?  Join us in this biking adventure of a lifetime.


After meeting in 2006 through the shared love for MTB singletracks, Antoine and Niels started organizing their own MTB adventures. Starting whit small MTB trips in Belgium and French Ardennes, Antoine's 90's experience as MTB trail-hunter and -guide in Iceland made them want to search for more challenging single tracks. Their first big MTB project was a completely new and exciting 11-day MTB trail through the Pyrenees from coast to coast. Their love for the Pyrenees brought them to Catalonia to find new single track, which resulted in this exciting adventurous Enduro style MTB tour: TransCatalan. The first official TransCatalan 2015 with 12 MTB- and funloving freaks was a big success.
Read more about it in Up/Down magazine nr 1 march 16. (dutch)